Week 7: Nearing the end

by Kelsie Fields, Westerville Symphony

As we go into the 7th week of the fellowship, many of us are nearing the end of our projects. This holds true for me as well with the Beethoven 5k taking place this coming Sunday!

We are in the long-stretch of finishing up our swag bags, ramping up our marketing efforts, and pushing to reach out registration goal! I have been leading our marketing plan and developing our email campaigns and social media posts to help get the word out.

The race will take place around Westerville and kicks off at the Westerville Sports Complex. We are still working out the final behind-the-scenes logistics details, and organizing this 5k has given me even greater insight into all the workings of an event. Organizing 5ks is slightly different from planning other types of fundraisers because most of the time (if not always), the 5k is outside, and this leads to the need for permits, insurance, and other clearances with the local government. These are all things I hadn’t thought of before but something I will definitely keep in mind for future events.

One of the reasons I really enjoy development work is the opportunity it provides to interact with different kinds of people. Events make it even easier to meet new people because the audience always changes with the type of event!

Summer in Columbus is one of the best things in the world, so I’m sad to see it waning. There’s so much to do and see, even in the suburbs! I’ve really enjoyed getting to experience more of what the Greater Columbus area has to offer. Between farmers markets, free concerts (such as the one at the Columbus Commons we all attended last week!), and local 5ks, there are so many ways to engage with others, support local businesses, and have fun!



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