IGNITE-ing the spark of Youth Leadership!

Hello, hi, welcome back to your favorite weekly blog post by none other than yours truly! I have just completed my SEVENTH week with LeaderSpark, and it’s hard to believe that my time with the organization will be coming to a close in just a few more weeks.

But there is certainly no time to dwell on that now because there is still SO much to do! Our IGNITE: Back to School Retreat is on August 4-5, and there is still so much preparation that needs to be done. The retreat itself has been coming together nicely– we’ve secured two speakers for the event, and our program lineup is solid. We’re covering a lot of topics that will prepare the youth we are working with to get excited for the upcoming school year and help them conquer it with confidence.

Throughout the process of getting ready for IGNITE, I’ve done a lot of promotional work– making flyers, making the program for the event, reaching out to other organizations to help spread the word of our event… but no matter how much work I and my bosses do, it seems that we just aren’t getting enough people to register for the event. We want 20 youth to sign up for the overnight portion of the event, which doesn’t seem like an outrageous number, but the event fee might be prohibiting people from signing up. It’s been both enlightening and frustrating this week, as I’ve come to see firsthand how directly a low-income lifestyle can affect our community’s youth. These kids deserve more. They deserve to go to this retreat, have fun, meet new people, and learn about how to be better students and members of the community. Thankfully, we’re offering some scholarships to the retreat for students, so hopefully we are able to apply those to help some youth attend who otherwise would not have been able to.


SO IF YOU KNOW ANY COLUMBUS YOUTH AGES 14-17… Send them LeaderSpark’s way for IGNITE! 🙂 Here is the link to the event page in case you’re feeling extra supportive and want to donate or register now:



Until next time, my friends,


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