Week 7: the future (?)

Working at DSC has taught me a lot about what I want for my future career. I started asking myself a lot of questions: Does my office need a window? Do I want an office? Do I want to freelance? Do I want one job? Or two? How far do I want to commute? Do I want to go back to school? What am I even really passionate about?

I graduate in December from The – cannot forget “The” – Ohio State University with a bachelors in English and a minor in Religious Studies. On Wednesday, I dropped off a deposit for a studio apartment. Whoa. Good things are happening and good things are ahead. But there are so many decisions, big decisions, that it can be overwhelming.

Being a Summer Fellow at DSC has given me the opportunity to have a sneak peak of the young professional world in Columbus. Let me tell ya, scheduling doctors appointments around office hours is its own part time job. I have experienced steady full-time business hours; I have scheduled meetings; I have spent way too much time writing emails; I have canceled plans because I am exhausted; I have learned what a CRM is; I have forgotten my lunch at home; I have gotten stuck in traffic for hours – yes, plural hours. It all has taught me about life after college. It also has taught me not to look too far ahead.

I have pouted to my co-workers every week about the time I have left. It is sad. I will miss working here. BUT, I had no idea I would get this opportunity six months ago. It happened with a random email asking me to apply for the Columbus Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program (which I didn’t know existed) and submitting an application on whim. Well, I got it and here I am.

Who knows where I will be in six more months. Probably asking myself the same questions. Probably approaching, always approaching, a better understanding of the answers. Definitely missing the people and the cause of DSC.

We shall see,

Karlee H.

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