Week 5: Entertainment in Columbus

One of the many things I love about Columbus is the entertainment. There are summer concerts, festivals with live music, and performances by local artists. You can always find something to do here, especially in the arts. So when I found out the Columbus Foundation scheduled an excursion to a concert at Columbus Commons, I was ECSTATIC. Who doesn’t love a free rock concert? Correction, who doesn’t love any free concert? Reaganomics played some great classics and were very entertaining. Let’s be honest, 80s rock is always a great time! It was definitely a great concert. If you would like to hear more from Reaganomics, please see their website here. They might be playing in your area soon!

If rock music isn’t your thing, there are also free art shows around the city. Recently, I saw this FANTASTIC art show at Art of Republic on July 1st. The featured artist was Percy King who uses a “blend of art, music, martial art flicks, and self-taught carpentry” to create wooden portraits. Percy is a Columbus local who graduated from The Ohio State University and had an extensive sales career before pursuing his creative dreams full-time. His technique is called The Shaolin Wood Technique. He recreated key hip-hop legends and made each portrait 3D for his first collection. Check out his work at www.artbypercy.wordpress.com/. You won’t be disappointed! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Now if art isn’t your thing, you can check out opera and theater performances in Columbus and surrounding areas like New Albany. Through Columbus Children’s Choir, I experienced my second opera. No disappointment here, both were fantastic. The cast performed Giacomo Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi and II Tabarro at McCoy Center. The audience was full of excited friends, family, and people new to theater. My favorite performance was Gianni Schicchi, it was absolutely hilarious! Besides the acting, the depth of each singer’s voice was incredible, out of this world, and unimaginable. Listening to the men and women hit these high and low octave notes were mind blowing. I was overcome with emotion as their passion flowed through each note and word as they performed. They are so talented!

Columbus has a really great art scene and I fully intend to explore more of it.

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