Week 8: wrapping it all up

I made a list today. A checklist of all the things I have accomplished and have yet to accomplish during my summer fellowship at DSC. It was longer than I expected. Some days felt like I was up to my chin in an ocean of time sensitive tasks, other days felt like my hands twirled my hair more than they typed on a keyboard. I guess it all balances out.

Today feels steady. There are two more weeks left and some exciting projects to wrap up. The list helped me feel even more confident in my ability to complete everything. One thing in particular. Next week, we will meet with two final marketing firms being considered for DSC’s re-branding. I am hoping that we will come to a final decision before the conclusion of my fellowship. Researching, contacting, reviewing, and discussing all the marketing firms DSC considered has taught me more than I could have comprehended. Getting to be the direct contact in this process has been a responsibility that I am grateful for. This re-branding project is an important and, I would argue, a crucial investment into DSC’s future.

Since my fellowship here, I have learned about the importance of the services provided by these individuals. Last week, I shadowed a few different departments to witness what exactly they do: interpreting, early intervention, and youth programming. I witnessed employees who strive to take care of their community and each other. It is not very common to witness coworkers who are willing to tend to each other’s needs in this way. I saw an interpreter scheduling coworkers to interpret for clients who work well and feel comfortable together; I saw a coworkers arranging a birthday celebration a week before that person’s last day; I had an employee co-write documents with me because I needed an extra eye. This kind of employee moral and support is what outputs such exceptional services.

This marketing project began with an eager girl wanting to help work to establish a cool, trendy brand. I had the best intentions to help in the beginning, but I did not have the passion about this organization that I do now. DSC deserves a marketing strategy that can really reflect their impressive services and outstanding employees. Anyways, I have high hopes and I am excited for what is to come.


Karlee H.

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