Herban Gardening

I wish I could take credit for the clever wordplay of my blog post title but my spunky supervisor, Michael, coined that phrase and I thought it would be an injustice to not add it to the blog. This week I had the pleasure of harvesting the herbs in the palette garden and hanging them to dry! We are going to give out sachets of herbs to people who come to the program about herb gardening on August 9th (6:30, please come! It’s free!).  Who knew you can grow herbs like curry and chamomile right here in Ohio? (not me prior to a couple of weeks ago!) IMG_7616

This week I also learned how to feed the turtles here at the center. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. The softshell turtle was easy enough as she is very sweet and mellow and enjoys playing with the dead fish before eating it. The real thrill is the snapping turtles. We have a common snapping turtle and an alligator snapping turtle here that both like to do just as their name implies-snap. I fed them with a long pair of tweezers but still feared for my fingers as they reached their necks up much longer than expected to claim their lunch.

I gained a whole new respect for these animals that sit in tanks all day. Although mildly domesticated, they are definitely still wild and could take off my hand with one bite (maybe 3, but still). It’s new experiences like turtle feeding that make me so grateful for this fellowship with Grange Insurance Audubon Center.

On Friday the Columbus Foundation and Boys and Girls Club came together to talk about their fellows summer experience and learn a bit about the history of Columbus.  It was really enriching to hear about the work that the Boys and Girls Club is doing and how we can all work together to make Columbus a more inclusive, welcoming place for people from all over the world. It was really great to reflect upon the summer so far and to talk with the other fellows about what they are learning. It was an important reminder to me to stop and reflect more often, not just when I am at the end of a certain season in my life.


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