Week Eight

Most of my week was spent working on the Learning Garden fundraiser and trying to pull everything together. Definitely the biggest challenge I’ve encountered is making sure that the event is well attended, which involves finding creative ways to get the word out about the event and working with the YMCA marketing team. I actually walked through the neighborhood directly next to the park and personally invited those that live there to come to the event. Though canvassing can be a bit awkward, I enjoyed meeting our neighbors in person and, hopefully, contributing to the Y’s mission to foster community.

The YMCA of Central Ohio has been transitioning to a new system to manage their memberships for the past several weeks or so. Though I don’t use this particular software in my work at the Hoover Y Park, I still receive all of the emails regarding the transition and I’ve seen how hard everyone involved has been working to make things go smoothly. It’s been interesting to see how a huge organization like the YMCA handles something like this.

A particularly nice gesture was that Stephen Ives, the President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Ohio, along with help from his staff, put together a private concert that was held in the Optimist Lodge at the Hoover Y Park. The musical act was Ellis Paul, a pretty well-known singer songwriter/folk musician, who happens to be a close friend of Mr. Ives. He gave a really engaging performance and is a dynamic artist; he also writes children’s books that include songs written about some of America’s most influential people, has published a memoir, and does his own album artwork.

The event was meant to show appreciation to everyone involved with the system transition, since making such a big move can be incredibly frustrating. I was given the opportunity to attend to help out with logistical matters as well as to enjoy the catered food and concert. Those in attendance included YMCA staff, but also the neighbors of the park, which was another great way to build community with them and potentially get them more involved with Hoover.


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