Week 8: Beethoven 5k!

By Kelsie Fields, Westerville Symphony

As we close up the summer, many of us are finishing up our big projects. I am happy to be one of them! The Beethoven 5k, which was hosted this past Sunday, July 30th, was a success!

The days leading up to the 5k were busy–preparing last minute donations and swag bags for the runners and scheduling all of our marketing and social media ahead of time–not to mention the 5AM start-time on Sunday!

I was very excited to see all of the hard work I have put in this summer come to fruition, and I’m pleased to say that we reached out goal of 100 runners! This is an increase of over 15% from last year, so I’m very thrilled that we were able to cross the 100 threshold and reach more people with information about the symphony.


The race itself was wonderful–beautiful morning weather, classical music ringing throughout the park, and plenty of family and friends joining together to run the 5k. It seems as though many people were running the race for the first time, which is a success in more than one way. Not only did we attract new runners, but the chance that they will return next year is higher as well!

Even though I will not be with the Westerville Symphony next year, I hope that I have had some impact on the future success of the event, whether by creating community partnerships, designing marketing materials, or something else.

The next two weeks will involve a lot of wrap up, follow-up, and general reflection as my fellowship comes to an end. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from both The Columbus Foundation and the Westerville Symphony, and I hope that I will be able to take the lessons I have learned and apply them in my future career.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to join the Westerville Symphony next year at the Beethoven 5k!




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