Week 9: it ain’t over yet

Ok so let us get all the sappy phrases out of the way: it’s the final stretch; we are nearing the end; it’s almost over; welcome to the beginning of the end; it’s the final countdown. Now I have “The Final Countdown” by Europe playing in my head. It’s true, one week left and so much left to accomplish.

This week was a big one. The marketing project team met with the final two firms being considered for DSC’s re-branding project. It felt odd to have these professional creatives trying to win my affection. Both firms were very impressive. I gained insight on what all goes into branding and marketing for a business. Turns out, a lot goes into every little detail. I heard once that the color red makes people hungry, which explains why every logo is red on food exit signs. The strategic evaluations of a market determine the best color pallets, fonts, spacing, sizing, etc. Basically everything.

Working on this project has taught me a lot about research, professional writing, and investment decisions. This project investment is a large one and I feel honored to have been the primary contact on this for DSC. It is a sad realization to consider I will not be at DSC to see this project thru, but I can only hope to assist DSC in making the best possible investment decision for their future.

Today, the project team met. After thirty minutes spent solving technology, due to a video phone acting up, poor reception, and small office space, we finally sat down together and made a decision on the firm DSC will work with. YAY!

I have one more week to make the best of this experience. I have been reviewing my do-to list and narrowing down the priorities of the priorities. Cheers to the cliche: let us make the most of the time we have.

Karlee H.

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