It was almost 4:45 pm. I began to feel my body get warm. I sprinted to the copy room to clip all of the grant application documents together. Then, I gathered my things and ran outside to my car. I thought to myself, “Wow Victoria. You did that! You’re really about to get this grant turned in on time.” But, when I pulled my car out of the parking lot, something felt odd. My car seemed to lean over onto the left side every time I hit the brakes. Only a few feet away from turning onto East Main Street, I got out of my car to inspect. I failed to see anything out of the ordinary, but did not feel safe driving my car. “What are the odds!?” I thought to myself. Risking my life, I parked my car on the street, ran back into the building, and kindly asked my co-worker to drive the grant application downtown with less than 15 minutes until its due time of 5:00pm. I was not sure if the grant would be turned in on time, but at that point I was over it. I knew that I put all the time and effort that I could into the grant, and for my first official grant application, that was an accomplishment.

Fast forward to the following week, my co-worker was unable to turn the grant application in on time. I called the grant funders and discovered that our grant application was not accepted. But, it was fine. My co-workers helped me laugh it off so that I did not feel defeated. They assured me that in the nonprofit world, things like this happen. I believed them and went on with my day when I discovered that I had received an email message and voice mail message from the grant funders! They called me to tell me (again) that my grant application was disqualified but that due to low applicants they were re-releasing the grant application in a few weeks! I laughed. All that running around and worry over my car troubles to find out that I could turn the application in at a later time. Rest assured, the grant application will be turned in on time this time around.

P.S. It turns out my car’s muffler was beginning to detach. A few days before I wrote this blog, I discovered my muffler hanging nearly to the ground. It is replaced now!

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