Seeing the Bigger Picture

In these past weeks, I’ve learned so much about evictions and some of the causes and impacts surrounding them. While I have been looking only at Homeport’s residents, I know that this is a huge issue across our community. I have had the opportunity to attend events and meetings to learn more about what eviction means at an individual and community level, and what can be done to prevent it.

My work lately has been focused on data collection and entry. I have begun looking at some descriptive statistics, but unfortunately will not be able to finish the entire analysis during my time here. My supervisors and I have found that the data collection aspect is much more tedious than we originally expected, and have uncovered some inconsistencies in the way that some data is collected. We also experienced a couple technical issues in the different databases, which slowed the process further. However, I have learned from others that this is the nature of the work—data can be very difficult to navigate through. With so many databases to use, I’ve learned that pulling the data and putting into a usable format can be very time-intensive.  I’m not necessarily disappointed by this, but glad that I learned about it. I didn’t have much experience with data collection or analysis before this, so I’m thankful that I have learned more about the process and the issues that arise.

As I head into my final week, I’m excited to examine more descriptive statistics. I’ve identified some demographic trends, and gained an idea of eviction and late payment patterns. This data can tell stories of Homeport’s residents, and I’m interested in seeing what it reveals. Everything is beginning to come together to form a bigger picture, and what it shows can help Homeport reduce evictions in our community.

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