The Last Summer Art Workshop

The final week of Summer Art Workshops was expectedly bittersweet. Our team of interns who I have come to know very well over the course of the last 6 weeks left on Friday. Several of the interns are from Denison’s art department or Columbus College of Art and Design. Most of my education and job experience has been specific to the dance field and I am often surrounded by dancers who think similarly to me and create using dance. It is refreshing to spend this summer with studio artists and teachers who create in mediums that I have never tried – such as painting, pottery, drawing, and mixed medias. I was continuously blown away by my peer Katie who is talented in many areas including drawing and sculpting. I witnessed her create quirky, whimsical screen prints that she printed on to bags. Being surrounded by this type of creativity was inspiring and has lead me to explore new art mediums.

My last camp was called Magical Mischief in the Museum. The participants were in grades ranging from 6th- 8th. A Harry Potter themed workshop, students explored ideas and creations discussed in the books and seen on screen in the movies. Per usual, I was deeply surprised to see the amount of creativity and imagination used throughout the week.



They developed a final project in which they created their own Diagon Alley – the wizarding street in Harry Potter in which all witches and wizards buy their supplies. In teams, students created their own product and storefronts in which to sell their wizarding supplies. Our street had a wand shop, apothecary, broom shop, potions shop and more. They even developed their own currency and created a bank. On Friday, families arrived and use the currency to purchase the creations sold at each store front. It was magical, to say the least!


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