Week 9 at the Westerville Symphony

By Kelsie Fields

It is hard to believe that this summer is almost over! Final presentations are fast approaching and final wrap-up has begun at the Symphony. This past week, I worked on finishing up all the final details of the Beethoven 5k. This includes thanking our donors, following-up via email with our attendees, and more! It’s always important to remember that an event is never over on the day of. Event wrap-up lasts weeks and even months depending on the size of the event!

In addition to working on the Beethoven 5k, I also assisted with a large grant application last week. I haven’t had much experience with grants in the past, but I do know the importance of grants to most nonprofit organizations. Writing the grant was a learning experience, and I appreciated the opportunity to really be a part of the process. I enjoy development work because I find it rewarding to be a part of bringing the mission to life, whether that be through events or through fundraising (sometimes the same thing!).

My next mini-project for the rest of the summer is to create guidelines for how to successfully plan the Beethoven 5k in the future! My goal is to synthesize everything I learned about marketing the event, reaching out to donors, and organizing event logistics. I will also be creating a timeline for each of the steps that must be taken to plan the event with details about certain deadlines that must be met. Hopefully this outline will set up future Beethoven 5k organizers for success!

My last task this week is to keep up with our Symphony blog and write a press release for our Sounds of Summer concert happening later this month! Sounds of Summer, similar to our Fourth of July concert, Sounds of Freedom, is an amazing event that brings in many families and community members. Because our summer concerts are free and outside, they attract a larger and more diverse audience that makes for fun time. Even though I won’t be around to finish planning the concert, I’m excited to be a part of the audience!

Thanks for reading!

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