Week Nine

This week I was focused on the Learning Garden fundraiser and making sure that everything is coming together. Even though I was worried about not selling enough tickets, we ended up filling all of the spots we needed to, which is really exciting and affirming. I’m grateful for the support that I’ve gotten from everyone that works out in the park and it’s been really fun to work with them to come up with ideas for the event.

Working with Chef Kuukua has been particularly rewarding in this process. She shares the same passion for the community building capability of food and cooking that I do. Sitting down and discussing the menu and logistics of the event turned quickly into us getting to know one another better. I found out that her goal is to have a restaurant that serves as a conversation space for people who might not otherwise interact to get to know one another and breach cultural divides. As I’ve gotten to know Chef Kuukua, I’m more and more pleased that she agreed to do a cooking demo for us and excited for the experience she’s going to facilitate for the fundraiser.

The new Learning Garden education center, the Hoover Haven, is getting it’s finishing touches put on this week. It turns out that we will actually be able to hold the fundraiser inside the space, like I originally planned, rather than outside, which works out since we won’t have to worry about possible inclement weather. The Hoover staff has done an incredible job with the renovation and it’s going to be perfect for hosting Asempe Kitchen.

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