Week 10: thank you

That’s all folks. I want to dedicate this blog post to reflection and gratitude. This opportunity came out of the blue for me. I was not even aware that the fellowship program existed, or even the Columbus Foundation for that matter, when I received an email mid January asking me to apply. I remember opening the email as I sat next to my boss at Mills James, whoops, and then immediately asking her about the possibility of me taking time off if I was accepted. She said yes. I applied. I was selected. Here I am and now it’s over.

Next week, I will go back to my job at Mills James. A week and a half later, I will go back to school for the last time. While I am excited for what is ahead, I am very thankful for what I am leaving behind. DSC has taught me many things, which I hope to elaborate on during the Friday luncheon. This fellowship has given me more hands-on professional experience than I could have hoped for. I am thankful.

I made a list of accomplishments. I hope I never forget the value of this experience.

  • Selected/researched marketing firms
  • Wrote/sent Request for Proposal (RFP) to prospective firms
  • Conducted CRM research
  • Co-edited “Case for Support” doc
  • Copy-edited DSC website content
  • Sent thank you letters to sponsors and donors
  • Created excel spreadsheet of Ohio Civic Group’s contact info
  • Contacted Civic Groups inquiring speaking opportunities
  • Created a price comparison chart for bidding marketing firms
  • Drafted questions for marketing firms
  • Collected/contacted references for marketing firms
  • Shadowed interpreting department, early intervention, and summer work youth experience
  • Collected/documented impact stories from DSC employees
  • Created spreadsheets of best porspect foundations for DSC’s needs: Deaf giving, Early Intervention, OYO Camp, and Building Campaign
  • Created/presented Pecha Kucha on experience (almost)
  • Drafted a vocab list for ASL 2 classes
  • Completed 10 blog posts on experience
  • Drafted/completed evaluation conducted by supervisor, Amy Bullard (per fellow fellow’s recommendation)


Thank you DSC. Thank you Columbus Foundation. Thank you Fellows.

Karlee H.

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