Weeks 9 & 10: That’s all she wrote!

Alright folks, I have to be completely honest that this is me being lazy (or efficient, however you look at it!). I’m combining weeks nine and ten into one blog post because they’ve both ran together and flown by way too quickly, in my opinion! So this is a long one but stick with me I promise it’ll be worth your time! Last week, I was able to connect with someone at Worthing United Methodist Church who wanted a group of kids to come out and do a “mini-mission” here at the pantry! Woohoo! During their time here, they got a tour of the pantry, they helped us stock our shelves with personal care items, and they helped decorate donation bags for kids to take home and collect items for the pantry.


Along with more administrative tasks associated with preparing for our fundraiser, week nine was very normal and busy. Kelly and I spent a lot of time going over what else we still need to gather and purchase for the event, so I connected with event rental places to get quotes on our table and chair needs. I also organized every item we have for our auction into an excel sheet, with fun, exciting, descriptions of all our raffle packages that’ll hopefully encourage people to bid on them! Week nine was also my last week with Kelly (she’s in Puerto Rico this week- Jealous!), which was pretty sad so we got to go out to eat to celebrate our time and work together!


Our celebration at The Eagle in the Short North- STRONGLY recommend to anyone who loves good food. P.S. Isn’t she the cutest Director of Development ever?

During my last week here at the pantry, I’m still doing some good work towards prepping for our event! I spent some time making our sponsorship thank you letters, we are working towards advertising local businesses who are supporting our event, and I spent a LOT of time making a list of everything I’ve accomplished during my time as a Columbus Foundation fellow at the Worthington Resource Pantry.


The list of tasks I completed at the pantry this summer.

You can read the whole thing if you’d like to, I promise there’s some good stuff in there. But what I’d like to write about at the end of this last post is what I learned from my experience this summer, both about non-profits and about myself:

  1. There is no such thing as a crazy idea.
  2. Keep your organization and personal missions at the center of all of your decisions.
  3. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
  4. Community involvement and sharing of ideas should create connections, not competition.
  5. Know your limits.
  6. Fundraising: If it doesn’t feel right, you aren’t doing it right.
  7. Say “yes” now and figure out the “how” later.
  8. There is a lot of power in positivity and enthusiasm. Passion in careers is possible and is not lost on everyone!
  9. The journey to the job you were always meant to have is not a straight road; it’s a road with many stops and detours.
  10. You don’t have to love every second of your job. However, you should love what results from your work and the person you are while you’re doing it. 

I would not change one thing about my experience this summer and will recommend this fellowship to anyone who asks! Everything I’ve done and learned this summer has set me up to succeed in my future endeavors. Speaking of which, after my time as a fellow I’m headed out to Salt Lake City to begin my job as a Public Health Advisor! Woohoo! Life is short, so do meaningful work and hustle hard while you can.







About nataliegilbertblog

Currently a full-time Summer Fellow at the Worthington Resource Pantry with The Columbus Foundation, continually pursuing opportunities to achieve health access and equity.
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