Last Friday, I was bold

Gray, rainy mornings always make me feel a bit gloomy. This morning was no different as I tried not to hydro-glide while driving on the freeway. In the past couple of weeks, my work load at Central has tremendously slowed down in preparation for my departure. These past few days, I have found myself stopping by people’s offices and timidly asking while trying not to annoy them, “Is there anything you need help with?”


This morning, when I arrived at Central, already a bit gloomy from the weathered drive there, I sat at my desk, trying to figure out what work I could complete. I could not fully focus because I was hearing loud music and singing coming from the gymnasium. Noise is not rare in Central because we hold a summer camp, child care center, youth programs, and senior programs. But, usually the noise does not take away from my focus. I had to see what was going on in the gymnasium, so I went down there to only find that the summer camp kids were participating in a talent show!


I immediately forgot about my gloom and the work I had to do and enjoyed the show. The Assistant Director of Central and other employees were right next to me, enjoying it as well. We all felt that our work could wait!


I sat amazed by how talented the children were. The show included singers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, and even stand up comedians! Might I add that standup comedy is very difficult to do on the spot!!!! I think of myself as a very funny person, but standup comedy, the pressure of landing jokes at the exact right time, gaging the crowd, and ad-libbing is not my forte. Alas, three 9 to 11-year olds were doing it right in front of me and doing well. I recorded almost everything on my Snapchat, but also took some photos on my camera. At the end, we all danced to that “Rollie Rollie Rollie with a Dab of Ranch” song that the youth love these days. Then, I remembered that I had to return to work…20170811_000512 (1)

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