Week Ten

My last week at the Hoover YMCA Park was pretty much a whirlwind. The Learning Garden fundraiser was held on Thursday, so I was working long hours to make sure that everything would be prepared in time. This was the first event like this that I’d ever organized and been responsible for running, which was a learning experience. There are so many moving parts to consider, but luckily I had the incredibly supportive Hoover team backing me up.

The Hoover Haven turned out so beautifully. The Hoover staff put so much hard work into the space all summer and it really showed. Even though we ran into some issues with outlets not working, overall the new education center is perfect for hosting events like this cooking demo. Some of the Y folks that attended the event were discussing how the Hoover Haven can be used in the future based on the success of the fundraiser, which was really gratifying for me to hear after working on this event all summer.

Now that my fellowship is over I plan to work for Chef Kuukua and Asempe Kitchen. I’ll be kind of a catch-all, doing everything from helping prepare and serve food to monitoring online fundraising campaigns and marketing. I’m grateful that my experience at Hoover led me to find a position like the one with Asempe Kitchen because it’s a perfect intersection of my passions and values as well as my past experiences. I want to continue making food accessible and using it to bring people together and bridge divides.  

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