Week 1 at The Kings Art Complex!

Before this week, I had never been to the Columbus Foundation. I walked into the front doors on Monday with no idea what to expect for the summer because, like the Columbus Foundation, I had never been to my work site at The King Arts Complex either. Filled with anxiety about my own capabilities as someone who is only a few months over 20, I walked into my work site with the most artificial confidence that I could muster up.

It turns out, my confidence was more organic than I realized. The first conversation that I had was with my supervisor about the difficulty of running a program with a small staff that is relatively older in age. She talked about resources and reconfiguring numbers to make the budget work. She talked about challenges and changes. However, the most important thing she talked about was hope. Hope that creativity and care could get any job done. The last thing we discussed was the theme of the Summer Camp I would help coordinate: Black Superheros. After discussing the logistics of how it would run, my supervisor told me something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She said, “We all have our own unique set of  superpowers, use them.” That was all I needed to hear to believe that there was a reason I was placed in this position. I was ready to get to work.

The rest of the week was filled with many tasks and responsibilities. I quickly learned that my presence was welcomed and trusted at The King Arts Complex. After only knowing the staff for a few hours, I was trusted to create programs and curriculum for the 8-week summer camp. I made calls to places I never knew existed and asked for opportunities that I never knew were available. I saw firsthand how passion could make miracles out of paper mache. I saw how a community could come together through art. I saw supervisors that resembled superheroes. I saw possibility. After all of these observations, I found my superpowers and I can’t wait to use them next week!


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