Week 1 at LifeCare Alliance

IMG_7807Hey everyone! My name is Radhi Pandit and I graduated from The Ohio State University this past May with a B.S. in microbiology and a minor in global public health. I am currently in my gap year before hopefully attending medical school in Autumn 2019. I am passionate about providing quality, culturally-humble health care to all people and elected to take a gap year to gain hands-on experience and insight into the myriad of determinants that affect underserved populations. Nonprofits play a key role in meeting many of the unmet health needs of individuals, so I applied for the Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship to see this in action and learn how healthcare professionals can get involved in nonprofit work.

I chose to work with LifeCare Alliance because of the wide array of health and nutrition services they provide. From Meals on Wheels (second in the nation!), to community wellness centers, to the Columbus Cancer Clinic, this organization truly nourishes the human spirit. I am lucky to have been selected as the 2018 Summer Fellow and week 1 was extremely eye-opening. I had the opportunity to meet all the members of the team, as well as observe some of the many services LifeCare provides. I got to see a Fashion Show put on by the clients who were modeling clothing from local thrift stores whose proceeds fund the Cancer Clinic, a coupon distribution for the local Somali community, and a volunteer orientation for new Meals on Wheels volunteers. My main role this summer will be to help with logistical planning of LifeCare Alliance’s 120th anniversary event, in addition to contributing posts to the blog.

In addition to event planning, I will be shadowing the many healthcare professionals who provide comprehensive services to clients of LifeCare Alliance. So far, I have observed a healthy eating class with a dietitian and a Meals on Wheels route. I am excited for the opportunity to continue shadowing and am thankful that my supervisor is coordinating these activities for me!

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