Marketing Moves

My fourth week with Cartoon Crossroads Columbus and the Columbus Foundation was great. The week kicked off with a fellows learning session in which we listened to two speakers: Oyauma Garrison, the president and C.E.O. of A Kid Again, and Kelsie Fields, the development manager at City Year Columbus. The two had very different stories that brought them to work in nonprofits and served a great juxtaposition for potential career paths to consider.

When deliberating various career paths, I put my happiness first: I know what types of jobs will make me miserable and which ones I’ll be passionate about. It’s important to consider, however, the economic side of things as well. I would like to be comfortable, have the ability to pay off my student loans and travel and I was under the impression that working in a nonprofit wouldn’t get me to that point. This learning session proved me wrong and made it clear that nonprofit salaries are becoming more competitive. It would be a dream to work towards a cause I care about and live the way I want to.

The learning session set the tone for the rest of the week and my days at CXC have been energized and productive. This week I focused more on curating specific content for our social medias by reaching out to the exhibiting guests and the administrative partners and asking them to help us grow our follower base and content. I’ve taken on a very marketing-based role in the past couple of weeks which has been an exciting learning experience. I’ll be moving forward in a more administrative role and creating a database for target demographics to attend the festival. I will be putting together some options for outreach to those groups and presenting them to my boss, Tom. I’m looking forward to getting started, as this next project will allow me to have a lot of creative freedom and I can really combine my expertise in geographic research and art.

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