City Year: Week 4

“I couldn’t do anything other than this work- I believe in the nonprofit cause”.

This week, I reflected on Kelsie Fields’ response to a question asked by a Columbus Fellow in a session on nonprofit development. Regardless of a role one holds in a nonprofit setting, the importance of passion for a cause cannot be overstated. This week, I reflected on my own passions, and how they fit into the mission of City Year.

I am passionate about equity and equal access to resources. On an incredibly tangible, real-world level, City Year works to advance the education of those most in need in the Columbus community. I am passionate about investing in communities and those living in them- through my work, City Year can continue to function as a growing nonprofit, leveraging new funds and bringing on a larger AmeriCorps team to serve. These passions help me to keep the larger picture/goals in mind while I work on daily tasks.

This week, I sometimes struggled to see the larger picture when it came to the work that I was doing. I was unsure of how smaller tasks fit into the larger mission of the organization. On Wednesday, I stopped to reflect on the progress I had made that week. I went through all of the tasks I had been assigned, and assessed how they fit into the larger success of City Year Columbus. Additionally, I noted what I had and had not enjoyed about the tasks. With all of this in mind, I considered how the work that had been done continued to support a larger vision. Whether entering donor records or tracking grant funding over time, I will continue to always link my everyday work into the larger goals I have set for my summer fellowship. My hope is to continue to do this reflection every week, as it helps connect my passions to my everyday work.

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