The Fourth Installment

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“Greetings, listeners! This week at TECH CORPS we had E4Tech training in the office. E4Tech is a professional development seminar for 3rd and 4th grade teachers where they learn how to integrate computer science and computational thinking into their curriculum. It’s a really cool program. We needed to make an updated informational and promotional video, so I took pictures and video during the training. I also pulled teachers aside to interview them about their experiences. It was really cool asking the teachers questions because they are so passionate about what they do, and it was awesome to see their faces light up when they talked about how well their students benefited from having E4Tech in their classroom. They all had a lot of really good things to say, which is awesome, but makes my job of editing even harder! I’m currently in the process of cutting down footage and putting this video together.


E4Tech training materials!

I’ve done a lot of video editing here, which is really cool, because that’s basically what I’m going to school for. It’s really nice to know that I’m actually using my degree, and that it’s in something I’m passionate about. It’s also really relieving to know that businesses and organizations really do need media people, and I hopefully shouldn’t be having to scramble looking for jobs.

wonderful workplaces 2.jpg

Cool things I’m making!

I’ve done some reflecting on my placement with TECH CORPS, and I think that there is definitely a reason that I’m here. I see the needs that I’m filling, which is super rewarding. All the people who work here are so passionate and busy with their own specific jobs, there’s no extra time for them to promote what they’re doing or create content. That’s where I come in. Being able to visit sites and then share what we’re doing with the world is so cool. At this point in the summer, we’ve mostly stopped promoting enrollment for our camps and have moved on to celebrating what students are doing and thanking sponsors. This is my favorite type of content to create, because it feels like we’re really telling the true story of what we do here. Something that’s pretty cool that I got to post about this week is that TECH CORPS has once again been named a “Wonderful Workplace for Young Professionals” by CityPulse Columbus, and I can attest to that! It’s cool because I get to see it in action, and our work is being recognized by Columbus!

Clippers game


I also got to do some fun stuff this week outside of work. Tuesday night the fellows went out to a Clippers game. While there were only a few of us, we still had fun! Despite the cold, wet day we still managed to make the best out of the situation, which I think is really important. I’m so glad that I am continuing to grow the relationships with the other fellows and I really want to get to know everyone even better, so hit me up, pals.”

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