Timing is everything!

This past week I have felt like I have been moving very slow. But, I have realized that project management sometimes can be a game of chess. This move must happen before this piece can act. I need to contact these people and do these tasks, before finally making moves.

I have numerous buckets within Safe Place like sites, volunteers, awareness, etc. And most of these consist of sequential tasks making the work meticulous at times. However, this is giving me the opportunity to really oversee the project entirely. Project management is something that will consistently be in my life as a planner, being able to see something from start to finish. Our speakers this week discussed the need for technical skills and how to work towards them. I am thankful for this summer, affording me the opportunity to work on a singular project and gain those skills. I cannot wait to call all these steps together for a successful and sustainable project at the end of summer.

But! It doesn’t take until the end of a project for some amazing moments.

On Friday, Huckleberry House sent out my press release announcing the Columbus Metro Library system is now part of Safe Place! This news is huge for Huck House and the city. The Main Library sees around 300 youth daily during the academic year after school lets out. These kids will now have an added 23 locations available as a Safe Place sites. With that, I am working towards another opportunity to add more Safe Place sites, however that is to be determined…


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