Halfway There

I can’t believe that I’ve already been with CXC and The Columbus Foundation for five weeks. Time passes quickly when there’s a lot to be done and week five was no different. I started on a new project focused on outreach to younger populations and students around Columbus. I wrote up two proposals for my boss, Tom, and will go forth with his choice of those next week. The first strategy involves creating an open competition for high school and college students to promote CXC and connect students with comic art. Groups would be encouraged to create works of art that emulate their relation to and representation of CXC’s mission. My second plan is to work with a local cartoonist in Columbus to create an attention-grabbing digital advertisement using comic art, as visual ads and posts have been shown to have over 200% more interaction than plain text. It’s been exciting to take on a more outgoing role that focuses on targeted marketing. This project feels applicable to a future career by giving me real-world knowledge and skills in a desirable field.

Aside from working on assigned projects, I spent some time this week thinking about potential career paths post-fellowship. After last week’s fellow’s learning session, I wanted to consider nonprofits further, but organization within a job is important to me. I started to look at more bureaucratically-organized groups like national nonprofits and local organizations with a larger domain as I believe that this route may be best suited for me. Columbus is such an artistic hub and I would love to find a national art-based nonprofit based here. I would also love to speak with someone who works in a for-profit corporation on community engagement or a similar role to see how this may overlap with nonprofit work. I look forward to considering this more as I learn more about the nonprofit sector in my final few weeks!

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