I’m Back!

Hey everyone, I’m back from my two-week hiatus! I just got back from a trip to Ireland and it was absolutely beautiful, but I’m so happy to be back at LifeCare! Weeks 2 and 3  have been extremely rewarding. I had the opportunity to help out with fan distributions, where we distribute donated, unused fans to the community during these hot summer months. This is extremely helpful to community members who do not have air conditioning in their homes, or cannot afford to turn them on. I also shadowed a social worker on her in-home assessments for individuals who would like to receive Meals-on-Wheels. The in-home visits allow the social worker to assess the client in their own environment and better understand their nutritional needs. Finally, I shadowed a nurse at one of the many wellness clinics. The nurse saw patients and spent a lot of time with them to make sure all their needs were being met. In addition to blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screenings, the community nurses provide foot care for these older adults who cannot tend to clipping their toenails anymore.

In addition to shadowing the many health care professionals at LifeCare, I have begun working on my ongoing tasks of cleaning up the new donor database and pulling the invite list for the 120th anniversary event. These tasks are perfect for me, as I am extremely organized and detail-oriented. I am very eager to see what next week has in store!

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