Week 5

Wow, this is the halfway point. When you’re a little kid and the 4thof July hits, you know that summer is dwindling fast. It’s hitting me at the age of 22. I have so many projects, goals, and to-dos to finish. This week, I have been working on some of my larger goals for Safe Place including a partnership with COTA and a volunteer day to help check our Safe Place sites. These tasks may be a little ambitious, but I still have half a summer! The glass is half full.

For this midpoint, I wanted to back track a bit. In March, I attended Safe Place implementation training in Louisville, KY. These couple days consisted of learning the ins and outs of Safe Place with nine agencies across the country. The agencies spanned from Florida to Oregon to Phoenix. Our experience levels with Safe Place varied, too. Some of the people present had been running Safe Place for over twenty years, others just a few, others just recently stepped into the role, and then there was me—I only knew as much as I could read about since our fellowship technically didn’t start until June. I sat and absorbed so much information, best practices, how other cities operate, new ideas to refresh the project, and most important other people’s experiences.

I was able to learn exactly how Safe Place was intended to run and what questions to ask Huck House when June hit. Other agencies that have ran Safe Place for years and years seemed to have a more narrow focus, maybe because of things that didn’t work or lack of support for the project. However, being a fresh set of eyes to Safe Place allows to me to stay positive, work hard, and try any new idea. And with first half our fellowship speeding by, rather than half empty, my glass is half full.

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