It’s week six at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus and this has been my craziest week yet. There has been some movement on the administrative side of things, meaning I will no longer be reporting to one of my two bosses and I will be taking on a larger role within CXC. I will be continuing my outreach project by designing a student cartoon competition and hiring a local cartoonist to create an eye-catching advertisement to be promoted digitally. Starting next week, I will be taking on the huge task of completely setting up a functional database for CXC. I think that will be a fantastic learning experience and a skill that I can certainly promote in the future.

This is my first time experiencing administrative turnover in a company first-hand and I’ve been reflecting on it quite a lot. It’s easy for me to feel guilty or imposter-syndrome when attempting to take on bigger roles, particularly as a student. I have been trying to remind myself of one of the recent fellows learning sessions where Kelsie Fields spoke to us with such poise and knowledge of nonprofits, despite only having just graduated. Students need to be reminded of their agency and their knowledge, particularly when in a fellowship role. Throughout this summer I have learned to speak up more about my ideas because they can be valuable and my boss has always been receptive and appreciative to a new point of view.

This week we had another fellows learning session about design and implementation. Most interestingly, we spoke about bias and accessibility in research—a topic that I find really important. I had the opportunity to speak with our guests about making my published writing for a lay audience and they offered great advice and suggestions. These sessions have become so important to me and I really look forward to continuing the conversation.

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