Week 4 at LifeCare Alliance!

This week was extremely productive and exciting! I am making great progress on pulling the invite list for our 120th anniversary event and had the opportunity to engage in some volunteer activities. I helped out in the kitchen packing frozen meals for seniors and went on a Meals-on-Wheels route with a couple who has been volunteering with MOW for 15 years! Spending the morning with them and seeing them engage with clients was so rewarding; I hope to connect with my future patients in the same way that this wonderful couple can.

A side project that I have had the pleasure of helping out with is our Fan Campaign. We have had an abundance of fans donated for the local community for individuals who do not have air conditioning in their homes or cannot afford to turn it on. Older adults, especially those who are medically challenged or homebound, are more susceptible to heat-related illness. A box fan in a room can reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees. So far we have given out over 1,000 fans! If you are interested in volunteering to deliver fans to our site or donate fans, please visit our website 🙂


A highlight of the week was definitely getting some mid-week ice cream with co-workers 🙂


After working in a non-profit space and hearing from the speakers in our learning sessions, I am gaining a better understanding of the role I hope to play as a future physician. I have always wanted to be a physician, but have struggled to identify how clinicians can most effectively help the most people. Engaging with a healthcare-related non-profit would be an excellent way to be a civically minded, actively engaged physician. I believe it’s extremely important for healthcare providers to prioritize and understand the needs of the local community in which they practice.

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