Database Digging

My seventh week at CXC is coming to a close and my work with them will be looking different in the remaining time. After some administrative movement last week, my focus has shifted from social media marketing and outreach strategies to database implementation and management. The executive committee of CXC decided on Salesforce for nonprofits as the best database option and purchased it for me to use.

This week has been spent exclusively reading and watching tutorials on Salesforce. I am familiar with programs like Excel, but this is my first time using a formal database interface like Salesforce, so it’s been a slower process than expected. I was given my first excel sheets of data this week, but I haven’t even had the opportunity to add those to our database yet because I need to ensure that it’s done right so that CXC and whoever they hire after me will feel equipped to continue my work.

I’m grateful to be getting experience in both the front and back offices of a nonprofit (so to speak) because I think that that makes my time at CXC that much more valuable. This is the first time I have been able to apply the computer science skills I acquired from research and classes to a legitimate job and it’s been really exciting.

Aside from my CXC work, I had the opportunity to meet the governing committee of The Columbus Foundation this week. Admittedly, the experience was a bit intimidating because the committee is such an accomplished group of locals, but they were extremely humble and repeatedly referred to the group of fellows as future leaders. It was such a great experience to feel such respect and so listened to by a group of powerful people. This fellowship reminds me each week that it’s just that: a fellowship. We are not treated as interns or students, but rather young adults with agency and good ideas and I think that is truly the most valuable part of this entire program.

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