We’re Halfway There

Hey everyone! I cannot believe that I am at the halfway point of the fellowship. The weeks have truly flown by and this week was no different. Week 5 was particularly fascinating as I had the opportunity to shadow at the Columbus Cancer Clinic, which is a service of LifeCare Alliance. The clinic provides free or low-cost mammograms and cancer screenings for colon, prostate, skin, and cervical cancers. Dr. Katherine Cyran is the breast radiologist who reads mammograms and performs ultrasounds and biopsies right in the clinic. This streamlined care is essential to making sure patients do not get lost to follow-up. In this setting, patients can get their mammogram taken, read by Dr. Cyran, and counseled appropriately. Dr. Cyran provided valuable mentorship as a physician who works in the non-profit world. I got to speak with her about how she splits her time between private practice and non-profit work. This is something that I am really interested in pursuing as an aspiring OB/GYN. I would love to have a private practice while also working a couple days a week at the local public health clinic, free clinic, and/or non-profit agency — it would be the best way to combine my passions for clinical care and public health.

On Thursday, the fellows went to the Columbus Commons Concert! I really enjoyed getting to know my peers a little bit better while enjoying good food and even better weather! The fellows are a wonderful group of passionate individuals and I’m so lucky to have gotten to meet them.


On another note, my first piece was posted to the LifeCare Alliance blog this week 🙂 Feel free to take a look and learn more about diabetes! See ya next week!

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