Implementing Salesforce for Nonprofits

My eighth week with Cartoon Crossroads has been a great one! I feel like I’m learning so much so quickly which is overwhelming but the productivity is so rewarding. This week I really jumped in to Salesforce and spent hours upon hours watching webinars explaining the ins and outs of the software. Because I have such limited time left at CXC, I have started to make a plan of action that will take me all the way to August 10th.  My current focus is cleaning user data to make it useable for the database. This process is time consuming but completely necessary to ensure that Salesforce is as user-friendly as possible for my successor in this position. Once the data is ready to be added to the software, I am going to work with the executive committee of CXC to categorize their data in a functional way for them. Again, because this software will be in place for years to come, I have to think about what is going to work best for not just myself but for all members of the nonprofit who will be using it. My strategies need to work towards their longevity.

My positive week at CXC was matched by a great learning session at the Columbus Foundation. We had the opportunity to listen to the president of the Columbus Foundation, Doug Kridler speak about his career leading up to the current day. He reminded us that anyone can get to where they want to go and that (to some extent) former circumstances don’t determine your future. Our second speaker was Aslyne Rodriguez, the founder and CEO of Empowerbus. She was so humble in discussing her entrepreneurial journey and continuously encouraged us to use our newfound connection with her to our advantage. She mentioned a recent meeting with the OSU geography department about using students for her business and I am hoping I could be a potential candidate for that. This talk reminded me why I am in the majors and specialties that I am and proved that the skills I have acquired at school and through my fellowship with the Columbus Foundation are valuable and marketable.

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