Week 8: Pieces are coming together

This work week has gone by so fast at ETSS. Youth Summit is a week away, and being the main organizer of an event for 500 children, still helping to coordinate aspects of the Summer Enrichment Camp, and managing a few office interns and volunteers on some major Youth Department organization projects have certainly kept me busy!

This week, all of our site art projects were delivered to the office to be displayed. These will also be displayed at our Youth Summit. I asked each site to make a large scale piece of art that included everyone at the site and matched the theme of ETSS’s 2018 Summer Enrichment Camp: Climb the Summit. After I received supplies lists, I ordered everything had them delivered to sites who produced some lovely pieces of art:


If you look into each of the images, you will learn a little bit more about the sites that made the pieces of art.

And here is my favorite piece of art made by the students at Wedgewood:


This is the size of four poster boards put together, and I helped them brainstorm ideas for this project. It is very symbolic of Wedgewood and the work ETSS does there: Some may view Wedgewood as scrappy like the scraps of paper used to make this mural, but the Wedgewood community has the potential to come together to make something a little misunderstood but beautiful nonetheless.

I don’t have much more to say for this week — it’s currently 5:30 and I am still at the ETSS office. Hopefully, I will report back next week with pictures from a successful Youth Summit!


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