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What’s this? I’m no longer surrounded by bugs and dirt and covered in sweat? Must mean my week of camp is over.

The past seven days I’ve been working remotely–very remotely–all the way from Danville Ohio, where I work as a counselor at a juvenile diabetes camp. I’ve been diabetic for 19 years, and I’ve been attending the Central Ohio Diabetes Association camps since I was three. The past couple years at camp I’ve had the opportunity to be the arts and crafts director, which is so amazing because I get to practice for when I’m teaching art in the community! I absolutely love this position because I get to foster the campers’ creativity and get to know all the kids in a different way. And as you can probably hear, I lost my voice from a week of singing, yelling, and cheering.


A beautiful day for crafts!

The Workroom

My domain. (Our camp isn’t religious, but the site that hosts us is)

I’m so thankful that TECH CORPS supported me still working this year despite the fellowship, because this camp means so much to me! I did learn that working from camp is difficult though, because the wifi was extremely bad and it’s not like I’m loaded with free time. I did the best I could. I tried to keep up as much as possible on our social media, and even got a few sponsor appreciation posts out! And a women in tech wednesday and a throwback thursday to earlier tech camps made appearances.

I also tried to edit a new video I’m working on. Two weeks ago I visited another non-profit that we work with called Per Scholas, which is an organization that provides free IT job training. It’s amazing because it’s a fast, intensive program that provides more accessibility for people to learn a valuable skill set. When we have young adults in our TECH CORPS programs unsure if they want to pursue college, we provide Per Scholas as an option to them. If our students can’t attend college because of financial reasons, Per Scholas provides a free alternative. If they just don’t want to commit to a degree, this program condenses what’s essentially an associates degree into a couple months. It’s a really great alternative to the traditional university route.

Anyway, I went to their location downtown and interviewed a few students. I’m creating a video that promotes the program so we can show it to our TECH CORPS students. It’s a relatively short piece, but I really want it to be good, so I’m taking my time and being very intentional with it. I didn’t get as much done this week as I wanted to, but I probably expected too much of myself with being at camp and all.

No worries though, next week I’ll be able to get a lot more done–and get back to having blog posts turned in on time.”


This is my best friend, Jessica! We work at camp together. Goals, am I right?


A terrible image of our final campfire under a spooky blood moon.

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