Week 6

Week 6 of the fellowship has provided a lot of insight into social enterprise. LifeCare Alliance utilizes many strategies for social enterprise, including Carrie’s Cafe, a senior dining center which is open to the public, L.A. Catering, a catering company, travel vaccines and immunizations at the wellness clinics, and wellness screenings to corporate partners. Social enterprise has allowed LifeCare to continue providing an increased demand of services while suffering a decrease in traditional government funding sources.

This week, I had the opportunity to assist with a corporate wellness screening. Employees were biometrically assessed (blood sugar and cholesterol levels) and counseled by the nurses on the importance of implementing certain lifestyle changes. The nurses also provided skin and prostate cancer screenings. This experience illustrated the immense value and necessity for community health workers. 

I also got the chance to explore Hilltop/Franklinton area where I work. LifeCare Alliance is hosting a blues concert to benefit the Columbus Cancer Clinic and I was tasked with finding spots around the neighboring areas where we could hang up flyers to promote the event. I visited local coffee shops, libraries, and rec centers to post our flyers on their community bulletin boards. I loved being able to explore different parts of Columbus, especially Third Way Cafe in the Hilltop and Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op in Franklinton! 

IMG_0362 (1).jpg

Third Way Cafe has the cutest reading nook!


Bottoms Up is a social enterprise with a mission to lower the high infant mortality rate in Columbus.

My latest #WellnessWednesday blog post was also posted this week, be sure to check it out!

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