Winding Down

It’s hard to believe that I’m about to enter my last week at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus. The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind as I tie up loose ends and prepare to transition my projects over to the executive committee of Cartoon Crossroads. I have taken on more responsibility as the summer progressed, and it feels rewarding to see my work being turned over to other workers who will make further legitimate progress with it. My main focus has been getting data into our new CRM technology, Salesforce for Nonprofits. There was much to learn, as the service uses unique terminology and a coding language that I was not familiar with prior to this fellowship, but that makes the end result all the more valuable.

My plan from here on out is fairly simple: upload as much cleaned data as possible and spend significant time teaching my supervisor and others on the executive committee how to continue to upload and edit the data. This week I put together an intensive list of the different Salesforce learning platforms for anyone who may need them in the future. I catered the programs I selected to fit the needs of Cartoon Crossroads as much as possible. I want to ensure that when I leave, I’m not leaving them without a clear path that allows them to continue my work and grow with the festival.

I feel as though I’ve learned so much about the importance of nonprofit financials since stepping into my new role here. In order to purchase Salesforce to begin with there had to be a meeting weighing the costs and benefits of the program. I’ve come to understand how every penny counts here and needs to be allocated correctly, which is why I am so focused on cleaning the data before importing. I want to leave CXC with a strong CRM tool that’s worth the money.

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