City Year: Week 9

Some higher nonprofit power must have read my blog post last week and responded in-kind: this week has been FAST PACED to say the least!

On Monday, our brand-new AmeriCorps members started at City Year Columbus- so our office gained 62 new employees in our space this week. These AmeriCorps members will serve in seven Columbus City Schools: Champion Middle School, Linden-McKinley STEM Academy, Livingston Elementary, Mifflin High School, South High School, Trevitt Elementary, and Windsor STEM Academy. Over the next two weeks, the AmeriCorps members will go through a rigorous training program to equip them for a year of service. This programming includes diversity training, program planning and implementation, and team-building exercises. I have had the opportunity to sit in on some of the talks- my favorite, however, have been the “life stories” presented by Impact Managers and Senior Corps members. Every morning, a different City Year member gives a presentation on their background and how they came to City Year. It has been incredible to have staff members be so vulnerable and open about their learning experiences and their decision to serve. The new Corps members have brought a wonderful energy to the office this week.

In the midst of all of the new AmeriCorps programming, this week also brought new grant opportunities! On Wednesday, City Year was invited to apply for a significant community grant. The one catch- it was DUE the same day we were invited to apply. Of all my experiences working in nonprofit development, this might be the one which best encapsulates the work we do. My Development Manager and I spent the day writing, editing, and putting together the pieces of the grant application as quickly as possible- this was the best experience in grant writing I have had, and it challenged me to think and work on the fly. We submitted the grant before the 5 pm deadline- fingers crossed that we hear back from the organization soon!

This week truly emphasized the fluid nature of the nonprofit sector- with so little to do last week and so much to do this week, work in the development department always keeps me on my toes.

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