Know your worth…

…and value it!

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“This week has been crazy in regards to my personal life, but work has been very steady. Coming back from camp I felt like I had a lot to catch up on, but I know all the work I’ve put in has paid off.

I’m almost finished with all my videos for the summer. The main project I have left is the Summer of 2018 Recap video, which I think is a fitting way to start reflecting on the summer I’ve experienced here at TECH CORPS.

I had a brief, but really good conversation with Carla, one of my colleagues and the person who was my first point of contact at the organization. She has been traveling to sites around the country a lot this summer, so I wanted to catch up with her since we were both back in the office this week. We talked about my experience this summer, what I’ve learned, how they could have improved my experience or what they should change for future fellows, and the work I’ve done this summer. Reflecting with Carla made me feel a little emotional. The passage of time and thinking about growth always makes me feel weird and introspective.

As far as things that could have been improved, I didn’t really have any concrete advice. There was really only one idea I presented to Carla, and it came from my own feelings and conversations I had with other fellows. We’ve all agreed that school sets us up to require structure, permission, and supervision every step of the way. It’s a really hard transition going from that environment to a workplace that gives you lots of freedom. I think immersion into this culture is really the only way to combat and relearn what school instills into you, and I’m not really sure what could be done to aid in this process, but I know that once I had a more clear timeline and project list I felt much more confident doing things on my own.


Speaking of doing things on my own, here’s a quick promo I made!


“Anotha’ one”

Carla told me they were really happy with my work for the summer and assured me that they were happy with their decision to have me as a fellow, which made me feel really good. I tend to undervalue myself and feel like a phony when it comes to my work, and having this confirmation that I made a difference was a relief. She told me they were really sad to see me go, because of how integrated into the team I became in my short summer here. We agreed that I definitely want to stay involved despite the fact that I’m not sure I’ll even have enough time to sleep during fall semester. That’s a lie, sleep is the only thing I’ll really make time for. But I think I can also make some time for this awesome organization. Lisa also mentioned some contract work after I go back to school. Hooray for the start of my freelancing side hustle! 

My time here was celebrated in the best way possible: a taco bar. Early in the summer we had a taco bar catered for a professional development session held in the office, and I had a freak out because taco bars are the best thing to happen to this country. So when I heard Lisa say “Hope, will you clear space for the taco bar?” you can imagine the emotions coursing through my mind. I appreciate this kind, thoughtful lunch so much. But my gratitude for this fellowship goes even deeper than the taco bar celebration.”


The Infamous Taco Bar

best friend 21 balloons

An unrelated celebration: My best friend’s 21st! I had to take a quick trip back to camp to bring her balloons.


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