Week 9

Week 9’s post is coming in a tad late, but this week/weekend has been a whirlwind. In my personal life, I moved out of my campus house of two years. I lived with best friends, and to say the least it was an end of an era and a very emotional weekend. However, I moved into a new place all in the same weekend with one of those ladies!

I can’t believe my time with Huck House is coming to an end. This past week, I have had meetings with several different people in order to receive some feedback and meet the exact needs of Safe Place. A good portion of my summer has been figuring out logistics of Safe Place, making the right contacts, reconnecting, and doing all of these in the right order. This involved me waiting on a lot of answers to email and phone calls before I could move to the next task. With this, it has felt like I have been moving a little slow at times. However, I have been piecing together an operations manual of Safe Place specialized for Huck House. Safe Place operates differently at each agency with roles and responsibilities falling under different departments. My physical final deliverable will be an operations manual that can help Safe Place stay updated. Huckleberry House has been a true place of caring and support. They have been open to ideas and suggestions about Safe Place, and are willing to prioritize the program. A good portion of the staff have worked at Huck House for quite a long time, and you can tell how passionate everyone is about helping our Columbus youth. They really put everyone else first. I am so thankful to be tasked with such an impactful project for the summer. Now, time to wrap things up this week!

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