Final Week

I just wanted to articulate my appreciation for being able to participate in this program.  I have met some amazing folks at the Boys and Girls Club and have also developed some friendships.  I plan on continuing to stay involved with the BGCC into the school year.

The Chief Strategy Officer of Columbus sent a message to Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) the central office acknowledging the study we conducted.  BGCA wants to read the results once the manuscript is prepared for publication.  Although we are in our initial data analysis, we have found some significant findings when it comes to community partner-led service-learning programs.  I believe this will have major impacts as BGCC continues to improve their summer program.

This summer experience has been a combination of all my interests: conducting research, serving marginalized communities, educating people passionate about youth development, program evaluation, and student engagement.  I do not know where I will end up moving forward.  However, the lessons of community strength are what will drive my future endeavors.  Again, thank you to all people who made this experience possible.

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