Ask me about my fellowship!

Donor Pamphlet, United Way Columbus

The staff at Columbus United Way and Siemer (whom share a building) have been extremely friendly and welcoming. They have been giving me a crash course in the non-profit world and about the work they do ameliorate family homelessness and school instability.

I am wholly enjoying the first week of my summer fellowship at The Siemer Institute for Family Stability! And, it nothing to do with the fact that the building is around the corner from one of my favorite local delis (YUM).

So far, I have gained insight on what is like to be both a funder at Siemer and a donation receiver at United Way Columbus. Even better, both staffs are more than happy to answer the many, many questions I have for them!

In addition to sponging off all of the information I possibly can about Siemer, I have been helping my supervisor plan the beginning stages of our project. Coming here, I did expect to learn, but I could not have predicted how much I’d love being here after only four days! The energy here is contagious and a true breath of fresh air for this academically trained sociologist.

As a researcher, it very exciting to delve into a new area of research. Although I research educational inequalities as a graduate student, I have less time than I’d like to read new areas of study. In addition to getting the opportunity to learn about a new field of study, I am becoming informed of some of the ways I can apply my graduate training to causes I care about.

As this week comes to a close, I am looking forward to digging further into my work here at Siemer and making even more great connections. I am already prepared to celebrate a successful week at Siemer!

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