Out of Office, Indefinitely

My time with SON Ministries this summer so far has been quite the whirlwind – but that is to be expected when you’re around 100+ children under the age of 12 every day. But, I think this whirlwind is exactly what I need this summer to not only do my job, but continuously teach me new lessons. The lessons I learn each week are the ones that I try to reflect on come Friday. This week, my reflections have centered around just how important it is to stay engaged with those you serve. I believe that most people would agree that working directly with others helps keep you connected to your mission, but we sometimes forget to take the time to work with others in the pursuit of pure productivity.

My job this summer is to capture the stories and photos that encompass what SON does and the lives that the organization changes. My end result will (hopefully) be a holistic marketing product or strategy that lets the light of the organization shine through these stories. But the more time I spend at my computer trying to be productive, editing photos, or researching marketing techniques – the more I fail at meeting these goals. It has continuously been when I take a break to play with the children that I capture the best pictures, hear the funniest quotes, or listen to the most remarkable story.

Throughout the past four weeks, I’ve focused more on just being. Being with the children and being with the people I work with at SON. Sometimes, I think we focus too much on being productive rather than the end product. By simply “being” with the children at camp I’ve found much more value, which will make for an even more valuable product. By spending more time away from an office, where I would be removed from those that I serve, I am working towards an authentic and genuine end result. The more I know the children that SON serves, the better I can reflect the impact that the organization makes. I also get to be a part of more fun moments like this on the weekly “water day”:

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