Week 4: Validation in the Workplace

My biggest fear this summer was being known around the school as, “the student intern.” I work a few different jobs at my university and I have the opportunity to contribute important work, but I always am very clearly the student in the room. Being regarded as “the student” has never deterred me, and thankfully my colleagues at other workplaces are always inclusive and appreciative of my student perspective. Despite this, I made it my goal this summer to feel some semblance of belonging as I enter the young professional world. 

Luckily, at Cristo Rey I have had no feeling of otherness in my role as a Summer Fellow. Just this week, I completed the first stage of a project in which I am creating a new site map for Cristo Rey’s website. As I met with my supervisor to go over my first draft of the site map, it felt rewarding to understand how my work is valued and will be implemented in our future website. My projects this summer are pushing me professionally and helping me dive into the nonprofit world, for which I am grateful. 

I also am always grateful for the community at Cristo Rey who make the workday something I look forward to, rather than dread, as I make my morning commute. My supervisors and colleagues always take the time to stop by my office and chat, allowing me to gain a better understanding on everyone’s career path and passion for improving education in Columbus. From learning about the development side of Cristo Rey to working directly with the teachers, I feel more and more confident in my hopes to pursue some sort of job in education post-graduation. Will I pursue teaching? Admissions? Advocacy? Who knows! At least I know I am headed on the right path and I have a whole team along that path who value me and my work. 

Also, a fun Friday anecdote: tomorrow is our annual Freshman Welcome Social to meet the newest class of Cristo Rey students. Staff members are currently setting up for the event and I heard them testing the audio system by blasting Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road at least 3 times. Check back next week as I can only hope to report that the festivities tomorrow will feel as hype as this.

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