Week 5: Small Wins

I am halfway done with my fellowship at Cristo Rey and the Columbus Foundation, and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by. The first five weeks of my internship have already taught me so much, but I have to believe that these next few weeks will be even more rewarding as I wrap up the long term projects I’m completing. 

Personally, I often have trouble visualizing the end result of long term projects since deadlines seem so far away. In the professional world, ten weeks may not seem like “long term”, but I’m mostly familiar with my experiences in the classroom where I’m only working on short-term assignments and papers. I wanted to push myself this summer to learn how to productively use my time over the ten weeks to truly create meaningful results at Cristo Rey. 

This week everything seemed to fall into place and felt incredibly productive as I’m beginning to focus most of my energy on the oral history project. I finally started to interview participants, which is a big step in finishing this project. I’m interviewing both Cristo Rey employees and external community members, so I’ve had to email some community members who have never met me and are busy with their own impressive careers. I anticipated receiving very few replies–especially until after the holidays. Surprisingly, I started receiving replies within minutes and one of my biggest fears with this project instantly disappeared. 

Small wins–like these email replies to schedule interviews–are helping me realize how I have the capacity to effectively completing long term projects amidst deadlines. I’m feeling a lot of momentum after this week to make big strides with the oral history project as I conduct interviews and edit the audio. I am also looking forward to having the chance to meet with some accomplished community members who helped Cristo Rey establish itself in Columbus. Here’s to another exciting, challenging, and transformational five weeks at Cristo Rey Columbus and the Columbus Foundation!

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