Diverging Paths

Heading into my senior year of college, I stand before a fork in the road. Based on my interests, skills, and double major in both Music and English, there are a lot of paths I can take post-graduation. I could pursue writing, or teach private lessons and play in orchestras, or search for another internship, or any number of other arts-based adventures that might lead to a steady job. It’s a very scary place to be standing, to see all of the paths in front of me and feeling like I have to choose one to walk down the rest of my life.  

Prior to this week, I wasn’t considering graduate school as an option because I was thinking that I would try to find a writing-based job, which typically only requires a bachelor’s degree (depending on the job, of course). However, in Wednesday’s Fellowship meeting, the president of The Columbus Foundation came in to talk to us. Right before he left, he spoke about motivation to succeed, and how many people avoid applying to graduate school because they don’t want to put in the work to apply or are scared to. He said that if we were considering graduate school, we should just take the darn test!  

That statement really hit home with me, and it’s given me a lot to consider. My main thought right now is that I absolutely love what I’ve been doing at the MAC. I feel so at home when I’m organizing events and working with the arts and promoting the arts in the community. I see my supervisor and the Executive Director, who are rock stars at their jobs and who both have graduate degrees related to the field. If I do some serious self-reflecting, I know that in order to pursue arts administration the way I want to, I need to just take the darn test and apply to programs.  

I don’t know for sure where this path will lead me, but I want to take a second and thank The Columbus Foundation and the McConnell Arts Center for showing me this path and giving me the slight kick in the pants that I needed to actually begin the research and application process.  

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