Happy week 8 everyone! I’m using the blog this week as a tool for analyzing the experience I’ve had so far, how I’ve succeeded and failed in my environment, and what this means for me moving forward as a college senior.

            In thinking about my favorite experiences from this summer, it is clear to me I value human interaction in whatever job I pursue. Some of my favorite days included the BLT (seeing the matches interact), interviews with potential volunteers, and going out to workplaces and talking about what we do. The common thread between all of those events is that I am up and away from my desk and getting to interact with new people. However, I need to be cognizant of the fact that most jobs require administrative work and time in the office in some capacity. I think finding a balance between these two areas will be a sweet spot for my happiness in whatever my first job may be.

            Something I am realizing I am open to, and may even prefer, is nontraditional workdays/hours. While most of this summer I worked a traditional 9-5 workday, the days I came in early to meet someone or stayed late for an event I enjoyed because it was a change of pace. I thrive on change and often struggle with monotony. This is something that may be more difficult to find in a first job. However, I have seen a lot of flexibility and variability in nonprofit hours given the many hats each employee wears along with the outside-of-the-office obligations.

            A more trivial success/failure is my organizational skills. I am very organized with certain things and very disorganized with others, which is great to realize this early in my career so I can address the chaos! I keep a color coded calendar for everything in my life. I am incredibly organized with dates, knowing when things are due, when events are, where they are, what I need to get done for the week, etc. I even remind my supervisor when meetings are starting and where we’re meeting! However, my workspace itself can sometimes be overwhelming. I love sticky notes but they can often be overbearing in my space. I do not have folders on my desktop to organize my documents into different categories which would be beneficial. I also often put loose leaf papers in my drawers/shelves as opposed to putting them in folders or clipping them together. This is a skill I hope to work on this academic year and continue to improve for my future.

            Overall, I have learned a lot about myself and my skills this summer, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn these things about myself before I begin my first fulltime job and learn the hard way!

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