Dandy DIY

Hello again!  

My name is Kelsey Brown, and in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I LOVE arts and crafts. I spent all of yesterday (and part of this morning) working on my favorite project of the summer: reupholstering old benches for one of our classrooms. Several months ago (long before I started at the MAC), we purchased some benches from a closed hotel that was selling their furniture. Since then, they’ve been sitting in a classroom collecting dust.



Fast forward to last week, and my supervisor adds “recovering benches” to my to-do list. The other intern and I made a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics for some swatches, and then another trip back to pick up 4 ½ yards of fabric for the benches. The process of reupholstering the actual benches involved cutting, ripping, and slicing off the old, crusty fabric (see “before pic”), which was big fun. We even made it onto the MAC Instagram story! Then we wrapped the cushions in new fabric and stapled it with a heavy-duty staple gun (which we had to get new staples for halfway through our project), and re-secured the cushions to the bases with a power drill.  



I had so much fun with this project! When I’m spending time at home, I do my best to come up with creative and crafty projects like this to fill my time, so it was fantastic to get to take on this kind of project at work! It also left the building looking better than when I found it, which is something that’s really important to me. I can’t wait to see what my last week has to throw at me! 

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