Shifting Things Up

As we are getting close to the end of the summer, the projects I am working on are shifting. Instead of working on long, more in-depth projects, I am now taking on small ones that correlate to different aspects of Best Buddies.

This shift has allowed me to see different sides of Best Buddies-as I am able to get an inside look into their grant process, evaluation tools and some of their different evaluation methods. These new perspectives have allowed me to learn so much more about the inner process of Best Buddies and how it relates to different parts of the community. Especially through working on their grant processes, I am able to see fuller picture of their funding process and how their various programs are supported.

From this I also get a deeper look at why and how decisions are made-which has also allowed me to see the differences in decision-making and leadership strategies of my two supervisors. It is so interesting how individuals with different leadership styles can come together to make such a successful work team. Is demonstrated the importance of effective communication and a commitment to respecting each individual role.

All in all, the shifting in responsibility that I have been giving has allowed me to reflect on what I have accomplished at Best Buddies within the last two months and what I would like to accomplish within my last week.

About emilycallahan8

Summer Fellow through the Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship Program, working with Best Buddies International.
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