Week 10

As many of my colleagues and friends in the cohort have expressed, I can’t believe it has already been ten weeks. I have learned so much, including how to use a CRM, how to write a grant, and how to cultivate a relationship with a constituent, from introduction to stewardship. I have met so many amazing people, from my colleagues at RMHC, to our volunteers, to our families, to our guest speakers at The Columbus Foundation, to the other fellows in the cohort. And yet, of course, there’s still so much to do!

I’m continuing to help plan a garden for the House. Having met with leadership in each department to define the garden’s purpose, activities, and hazards, I am now moving into designing the garden itself. OSU Franklin Extension has graciously provided me with soil testing kits, and I am creating a blueprint of the vegetable beds, and will then draft a materials budget, activities sheet, and timeline. This work feels like a direct,
holistic utilization of skills I learned at OSU’s business college, and I’m excited to see those skills transfer into a project and cause that I am passionate about.

Additionally, I still want to see the House begin to compost. We’re on hold until Innovative Organics creates a quote and plans a time to audit the House’s food waste production, but I hope the House continues to move forward in adopting a composting program

Earlier today, I received an email stating that one of the small grant applications I wrote during my first week of the fellowship had been accepted, it’s funny how things come full circle. I think of how when I started, if someone asked me “we just got this grant, could you make a stewardship plan?”, I wouldn’t know where to start. Now, the challenge is to make sure I leave clear instructions for someone to implement next week.

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