A Final Goodbye

I’ve said it a million times, but I truly cannot believe that this is going to be my final blog post. I don’t want to steal my presentations thunder, so I am just going to talk briefly about my last full day here. People have been very kind in approaching me and thanking me for the work I did in such a short time.  There are two other employees celebrating their final full day with Big Brothers Big Sisters today as well, so we went out to a big group lunch. Once everyone arrived and was seated, my supervisor took it upon herself to stand and say a few words about what my time here meant to her. While it can be awkward hearing people say positive things about you in a group setting, I felt truly valued by this organization and her specifically. I know this summer was productive in helping shape my ideas and aspirations for the future, and I have my supervisor to thank for that. She also presented me with a small gift bag full of BBBS products (and a bottle of wine). This is her busiest time of year, so it truly shows how big her heart is that she went out of her way to put this gift together for me.

Overall, I could not have had a better experience this summer, and I can’t imagine spending the past 10 weeks anywhere else. I am looking forward to hearing back about my future with BBBS and progressing in this field.

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